Sustainable Projects

Here at Seeds of Hope we feel that our role is to support the COHAD project via the introduction of sustainable projects. The funding for COHAD is at risk, and we strongly believe that COHAD needs to become self-sufficient.

PIGGERY: In 2012 we supplied the initial funding for the building of  a piggery.  The shelters were built and five pigs were purchased to start a breeding project. The programme is now  generating income, and will continue to develop.





CRAFTS: Seeds of Hope has also introduced a small craft making project.  A sewing teacher was brought in to show the Mummies how to make sock animals to sell at Kampala Craft Market and in a local hotel.  We take out lots of pairs of colourful socks on each aid trip, re-supplying the Mummies.  Mummies have also been taught how to make some basic clothes items and pillow case dresses.  Our hope for this small project is to find more outlets from which to sell the little Monkey’s and Pigs. A further benefit of the project has been the pleasure that the Mummies have found in spending time sitting with each other sewing and chatting whilst they work.  The work at COHAD is relentless and demanding, days are full from first light until late into the evening.  The sewing has provided respite from relentless physical tasks.




pillow slip dress 1



COHAD VILLAGE SHOP:  Our most recent venture is to fund a village general store in the local trading station.  The proceeds of the shop will go to COHAD, but the other benefit is that the shop will support the project by increasing bulk purchasing discounts.  The shop will supply both COHAD and the local population with staple foods as well as school materials.  We have a great business plan from Pastor Gilbert, one of the local project overseers, and the work has started.

COMING SOON: We are continuously exploring sustainable opportunities and are currently exploring improved farming methods as well as the viability of an egg farm, installing chicken huts.  We would welcome both ideas and financial support – please email us if you feel you can help or visit our donation page for ways to contribute

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